rating apps: 100/100

Our products get the highest rating on cosmetic rating applications :

Yuka, EWG, Cleanbeauty, Incibeauty, FRC, etc.

free deliveries

Switzerland and Europe : from 2 products

World : from 5 products

fast deliveries

Switzerland and Europe : 24h-48h

World : 3 to 5 days

return policy

All orders can be returned within 20 days upon receipt.

No matter your reason.

quantity discount

Number of products purchased = discount :

CH + Europe :   3 = 5%   /   4 = 7.5%   /   5 = 10%

World :   4 = 5%   /   5 = 7.5%   /   6 = 10%

glass and aluminum bottles

Our products are packaged in recyclable glass or aluminum bottles for the best protection against oxidation: UV, oxygen and heat.

More information on the recycling page.

peta vegan & cruelty free

The PETA Vegan & Cruelty Free label certifies that our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

We do not sell our products in countries that test on animals.


reliable and conscientious design

Grangettes Switzerland is a line of face and body care products with clinical expertise whose philosophy is based on the fundamental values of innovation, efficiency, transparency and pleasure.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

modern cosmetics

Our products are composed of technical, reliable and clean ingredients for safety and high efficiency.

At a fair price.