Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale

The website www.grangettesgeneve.ch is managed by Grangettes Genève Cosmétique SARL, Chêne-Bougeries.

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1 - Preamble

The present conditions are concluded between, on the one hand, the company Grangettes Genève Cosmétique SARL, Chêne-Bougeries, as identified above and hereinafter called "Grangettes Genève" and, on the other hand, the persons, ci- after named "the User" or "the Customer" or "the Buyer", wishing to make a purchase via the website Grangettes Genève, www.grangettesgeneve.ch, hereinafter referred to as "the Site".

The parties agree that their relations will be governed exclusively by this contract, to the exclusion of any other condition. However, if a condition were to fail, it would be considered to be governed by the practices in force in the distance selling sector in Switzerland, the country in which Grangettes Genève has its headquarters.

The validation click that the User performs after completing his order form constitutes confirmation of his order and will be irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions. He will express his final consent to contract with Grangettes Genève for the products he has selected subject to his right of withdrawal and the possible application of the provisions as referred to in the articles of these terms and conditions of sale.

The offer of the e-shop of the Site, proposed by Grangettes Genève, indicates the total price to be paid for goods and services offered in Swiss Francs for Switzerland. The prices quoted do not include the participation in the shipping costs.

If the User resides outside of Switzerland and wishes to obtain a delivery abroad, he will not benefit from the tax refund in force in Switzerland and will also have to pay the taxes and shipping costs relating to his country of delivery.

All information contained in the Site is in French. The Customer nevertheless has the option of opting for another version of the presentation of the Site and the catalog in English, German or Italian.

The Customer acknowledges having, prior to the placing of the order, taken cognizance of all the aforementioned information and general conditions of sale.

The present general conditions are in French language. The Buyer declares to have full legal capacity to engage under these terms and conditions.

2 - Terms of use

The Site is intended for use for personal purposes only and may not be made commercial use of any or all of its content which remains the property of Grangettes Genève even once downloaded.

The Site may contain links to other sites managed by third parties. Grangettes Genève declines any responsibility as for the contents of the third sites and for the physical or moral damages that they could provoke. The fact of proposing links engenders no obligation to the charge of Grangettes Genève which does not have any means of control of the third sites. Therefore, it remains the responsibility of the parents to verify the information that the children consult and if necessary, to limit access to the Site.

The User guarantees that he will not use the Site or the services offered for illicit purposes and undertakes to comply with the national and international laws and regulations in force.

In case of damage caused to Grangettes Genève or to third parties, due to improper use of the Site and the services offered, the User will be solely responsible. In case of violation by the User of its legal and contractual obligations, Grangettes Genève reserves the right to take legal action to stop the violation in question and to obtain reparations.

3 - Purpose

These general conditions of sale are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of a distance sale of goods offered in the present e-shop of the Site by Grangettes Genève, through payment and delivery.

The geographical area of coverage of the Grangettes Genève boutique offer is as follows:
Germany, Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Dubai, Cameroon, Canada, China, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Estonia, United States, Finland, France, Greece, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Martinique, Mauritius, Mexico , Monaco, Norway, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Reunion, United Kingdom, Russia, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Senegal, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tahiti, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela.

If a Customer, whose country does not belong to this list, wishes to place an order, he can send an email via the "customer contact" section with the references, descriptions and quantities of the selected articles. He will receive an email confirming the amount of his order and the shipping costs and the bank details on which to transfer the total amount of his order. Upon receipt and validation of the amount by the bank, the order will be shipped.

Important: this contract consists of these general conditions of sale and the order form. However, the photographs illustrating the products on the Site do not enter the contractual field. If errors or alterations resulting from the processing of these photographs or the display on the screen of the User have been introduced, the responsibility of Grangettes Genève can not, under any circumstances be engaged as a result.

4 - Order

Any purchase order signed by the click of validation constitutes an irrevocable commitment of the Customer which can be questioned only in the cases exhaustively envisaged in these general conditions of sales.

The conclusion of the contract will only occur at the time of confirmation of the order by Grangettes Genève. The Customer will receive by email an acknowledgment of receipt confirming the order with all the elements of the contract (products ordered, price, delivery times, shipping costs, ...)

Grangettes Genève undertakes to honor orders received on the Site only within the limits of available product stocks. In the absence of availability of the product, Grangettes Genève undertakes to inform the User as soon as possible. Grangettes Genève therefore reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, including in particular to a problem of supply of products, or to a problem concerning the order received.

The order will be executed within the deadlines specified on the Site and during the confirmation of the order by Grangettes Genève and in any event no later than 30 working days following the confirmation of the order subject to the availability of the ordered product. and unless specifically agreed between the parties.

In the event of out of stock or unavailability of the ordered product, Grangettes Genève undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible and to specify a period of availability. The Customer will confirm by email his choice either to wait for the availability of the product or to be reimbursed.

The ordered products remain the property of Grangettes Genève until the final and full payment of their price. Grangettes Genève reserves the right to claim the products ordered in case of default. In this case and at the first request of Grangettes Genève, the Customer agrees to return any unpaid product, all expenses at his expense.

5 - Duration of the offer

The offers contained in the Site are valid for the current month.

6 - Payment terms

The entire payment is due to the order. The Customer agrees to pay the price stipulated for the product ordered on the Site (price of products and transport) and to pay or have paid, if any, directly to the forwarder or carrier, the rights of customs, VAT or other taxes due on the occasion of the importation of products in the country of the place of delivery.

The Client guarantees to Grangettes Genève that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment of his choice as proposed below:
* By credit card as proposed on the Site.
* Or by any other means of payment at Grangettes Genève, as proposed on the Site.

7 - Rates and customs duties

Prices are quoted in Swiss Francs all taxes included. They take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. They do not include the participation in the delivery costs charged in addition and will be indicated in the order confirmation.

For delivery within Switzerland, the prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. They are therefore indicated VAT included. Any change in the applicable rate may be reflected in the selling price of the products in the catalog.

For a delivery within the framework of the European Union, the Customer will have to pay the customs duties, VAT or other taxes due on the occasion of the importation of the products in the country of the place of delivery. The formalities relating thereto are also the sole responsibility of the Customer, unless otherwise indicated. The Customer is solely responsible for verifying the import possibilities of the products ordered under the law of the territory of the country of delivery.

8 - Transfer of risks and liability

The transfer of risks to the Customer occurs as soon as the products are handed over by Grangettes Genève to the carrier. The products travel at the risk of the Client. It is the same in case of sending or returning products carried free port.

During the period mentioned in point 11, the Customer is responsible for the thing as guardian. In case of deterioration or destruction of the product during the custody of the Customer, the latter will suffer all the consequences.

Grangettes Genève has, for all stages of access to the Site, the ordering process, delivery or subsequent services, an obligation of means. The responsibility of Grangettes Genève can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet, including a break in service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or any event qualified as force majeure, in accordance with to the case law.

9 - Delivery

The geographical area of delivery corresponds to the geographical area of coverage of the offer. The products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer on the order form.

Delivery is deemed made upon delivery of the product to the carrier. The delivery note delivered by the carrier, dated and signed by the Customer at the time of delivery of the product will constitute proof of transport and delivery. Upon delivery, the Customer must check the content, compliance and condition of the product or products.

In the event of delays, damages, total or partial losses, or of some other problem, it is the Customer to exert any recourse with the carrier without the responsibility of Grangettes Genève could ever be questioned. Therefore, during the delivery, Grangettes Genève recommends to the Customer to proceed to the ascertainment of the state of the delivered products before signing the acknowledgment of receipt of the parcel. If he finds anomalies, he must refuse the delivery of the products or issue handwritten reservations, accurate and dated. These reservations must be confirmed with the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within three (3) working days of delivery of the products. A copy will be sent to Grangettes Genève.

Are regarded as case of absolute necessity, besides those usually retained by the jurisprudence of the Courts and Tribunals of Switzerland,
- total or partial strikes, internal or external to the company,
- blockage of means of transport or supply for any reason whatsoever,
- Federal or legal restrictions,
- computer failures, telecommunications blockages including networks and especially the Internet.

The occurrence of a case of force majeure will suspend, as of right, the execution of the order. If beyond a period of three (3) months, the parties note the persistence of force majeure, the order will be automatically canceled, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

The Genève Court is the competent body for disputes arising out of business relations between Grangettes Genève and the Buyer. The legal status falls under Swiss law, in particular the law of obligations

10 - In the absence of the Client

In case of absence of the Customer during the delivery, the carrier will deposit a notice of passage to the delivery address indicated by the Customer. The products must be removed at the address and in the manner indicated by the carrier.

In the event of non-withdrawal within the deadlines set by the carrier, the products will be returned to Grangettes Genève, which reserves the right to refund the price of the products, the shipping costs remaining the responsibility of the Customer.

11 - Complaints

Complaints for non-conformity of the products delivered with the order must be made in writing directly to Grangettes Genève and this immediately upon receipt. The Customer must keep the packaging and the packing slip.

In case of error on the product, the Customer undertakes to return the said product or the products concerned within 7 days of receipt to Grangettes Genève whose address is indicated in the preamble, under the condition that they returned without opening their packaging, in their original condition and packaging together with the accompanying documents.

Upon receipt of the product in good and due form, Grangettes Genève will return, at its expense, the product initially ordered.

12 - Guarantee

To avoid any inconvenience, the products are systematically checked by Grangettes Genève before their shipment. However, if the Buyer is not completely satisfied with the purchased products, he may return them within 15 days after receipt. They will be refunded or exchanged provided they are returned in their original packaging and in good condition to Grangettes Genève, clearly and legibly accompanied by the name, surname and address of the Buyer, the invoice number and reasons of the return. Thus, all items may be exchanged or refunded except for those bearing a contrary mention.

For the implementation of the warranty, the Customer returns the product to Grangettes Genève at its expense. The product will be exchanged by an identical product and sent to the Customer at the expense of Grangettes Genève, except in case of out of stock or disappearance of the product range proposed by Grangettes Genève. In this case, Grangettes Genève will refund the price of the product to the Customer or replace it with a new order.

If this new order is of a higher amount, the Customer must attach to the exchange request the payment of the balance. Conversely, if the amount of the exchange is less than the initial amount, the Customer will receive upon receipt of the request a letter check in refund of the difference.

In the case of a request for reimbursement of an item that has been awarded free of charge or at a reduced cost for a special offer proposed to the Customer, it will be refunded in part from its commercial value and not in its entirety.

In any case, any request for exchange or refund must be made by post to the address of Grangettes Genève, as mentioned in the preamble.

The provisions herein can not deprive the Buyer of the legal guarantee that obliges the professional seller to guarantee against all the consequences of latent defects of the thing sold. Consequently, in case of damage caused to a person or a good by a defect of the product, the responsibility of the producer of this one can be sought by the Buyer, on the basis of the information appearing on the packaging of this product.

14 - Preservation and archiving of transactions

The filing of purchase orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable medium so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy.

15 - Intellectual property

Grangettes Genève is the owner of the intellectual property rights on the Site and the right to distribute the elements appearing on the catalog of the electronic shop and in particular the photographs for which it has obtained the necessary authorizations of the persons concerned.

Consequently, the partial or total reproduction, on any medium whatsoever, of the elements composing the Site and the catalog, their use as well as their provision to third parties are formally forbidden.

All elements of the Site, whether visual or sound are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents. They are the exclusive property of Grangettes Genève. The User who has a website for personal use and who wishes to place a simple link for his personal use on his site directly to the homepage of the Site must compulsorily request permission from Grangettes Genève. It will not be in this case an implicit agreement of affiliation. However, any hypertext link to the site of Grangettes Genève and using the technique is strictly prohibited. In any case, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be withdrawn at the request of Grangettes Genève. 

16 - Full contract

In the event that any of the clauses of the present contract would be null and void by a change of legislation, regulation or by a court decision, this can not in any way affect the validity and the respect of the present general conditions of sale.

17 - Jurisdiction and applicable laws

The Geneva Court is the competent body for disputes arising out of business relations between Grangettes Genève and the Buyer. The legal status falls under Swiss law, in particular the law of obligations, which regulates the aspects not expressly mentioned by the present general conditions. This is so for the substantive rules as for the rules of form.

In case of dispute or claim, the Buyer will first contact Grangettes Genève to obtain an amicable solution. In a second time and in case of appeal, the Buyer may file a claim with the courts of the Canton of Geneva.

18 - Particular dispositions

If any particular provisions of these conditions are or become void in whole or in part, the validity of the other conditions remains intact. The Buyer agrees that we use the data obtained by this business relationship, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, for commercial purposes, within our company.

Grangettes Genève Cosmetics SARL, Chêne-Bougeries - Terms and Conditions.